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phase vs. block options

Phase Option

Currently available only for the Private Pilot program.


The Phase Option for Private Pilot is a great way to make 4 equal, predictable, and easy payments for each of the 4 phases of the program while adding great benefits like unlimited Cessna ground training and the Checkride Guarantee.


Here's what you'll get:

1. 40 hours of flight training (30 hours of dual instruction flight time and 10 hours of solo flight time)

2. Aircraft is covered for the checkride

3. Unlimited Cessna ground training

4. Checkride Guarantee

5. Up to 20 hours of ground instruction

*Cessna ground training program is required to receive the
checkride guarantee.

What are the costs?

Training costs are dependant upon which aircraft you select for training, but your program will be broken down into 4 equal payments. View rates for the Private Pilot Program.

Can I switch aircraft?

Absolutely! If you make changes between aircraft, we will periodically audit your program progress and bill or credit you for any differences in costs incurred.

block Option

Available for all training programs and aircraft rentals.

The Block Option allows the pilot to save $5 per hour on any aircraft.

This could translate into hundreds of dollars in savings!


The Block Option works like putting money onto a prepaid card. Simply add money to your A-Cent account, and we will issue you an A-Cent prepaid card* that you'll swipe each time you fly.

When your balance gets low, just recharge your card at either A-Cent Aviation location.


It's never been so easy to save money when you fly!

*Initial fee for A-Cent Card is $2. Replacement cards issued if lost or stolen at a cost of $2 per occurrence. Minimum $1,000 block deposit required. Minimum 10 block required for Piper Seneca II.

**block reload minimum is $500.

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