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training PROGRAMS

Discover the freedom of flight 


If you've often wondered what it would be like to become a pilot, to fly airplanes, and take your place in the aviation community...A-Cent Aviation offers discovery flights that will give you an experience you'll never forget.

Discovery Flight - 1 Hour

Experience a 30-minute ground lesson and then go for a 30-minute flight with one of our seasoned professional flight instructors and see what it's like to take the controls and actually fly the airplane!


Only $125

Student Pilot Experience - 2 HourS

Engage in a ground lesson of up to one hour to learn the basics of how airplanes fly, and then join one of our flight instructors for a 1-hour flight lesson where you'll not only take the controls, but experience a guided landing as well! Log your flight instruction in a complimentary mini paper logbook.


Only $225


Want to bring a friend or family member along? No problem, just let us know at scheduling. A $25 additional passenger fee will apply.


Discovery Flight

Private pilot

Stop dreaming...and start flying 


With A-Cent Aviation's part 141 private pilot training program, students can earn a private pilot certificate in as little as 35* hours. 


Needing a bit more flexibility in flight training? Our part 61 training program can get you your private pilot certificate in as little as 40* hours.


Whatever path you choose, A-Cent's instructors are here to help you reach your goals. And with flexible payment options like pay-as-you-go, block rates, and our phase programs, students have total control of their training dollars.

Already own an airplane? A-Cent offers instruction in your owned aircraft for $75 per hour!


If you're ready to take to the skies, contact us today!


Fun-filled, affordable daytime flying

The sport pilot certification allows pilots to fly light sport aircraft during the day in VFR weather without the need for an FAA medical certificate. 


While the sport pilot program is less rigorous than the private pilot certificate program, the flying and experience you'll gain are no less valuable...or fun!


Get certified for as little as $5,625 with A-Cent Aviation's Sport Pilot phase program option: exclusively available at our Herlong Airport location.

Already own a light-sport aircraft? We can train you in it for $75 per hour at either A-Cent Aviation location.

All you need is a valid US Driver's License and an FAA Student Pilot Certificate...what could be easier?

sport pilot training

Sport Pilot Training

instrument rating

The next step in pilot proficiency and experience


This course is designed to enhance a pilot's skills and build confidence in challenging conditions. When you earn your instrument rating, you will no longer be limited by visual flight rules and all the restrictions that come with them.


When you become an instrument pilot, you'll be able to navigate the complexities of the National Airspace System...and less than ideal weather conditions both safely and with more confidence. 

If you already roperly-equipped IFR aircraft, we can train you in your own airplane for $75 per hour.

Open the doors to new and more challenging flight experiences...start working on your instrument rating today.

Instrument Rating
A-Cent Aircraft_ - 53.jpeg




Take your certifications to the next level by earning your high-performance and complex aircraft endorsements here at A-Cent Aviation.


The training you'll receive for each endorsement will include both ground and flight instruction that will push your limits as an aviator...and teach you the skills necessary to command some really amazing airplanes!

open the door to new adventures in faster & more capable airplanes.




We have partnered with EAA Chapter 943 located at Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport to offer our customers exclusive access to this awesome BATD flight simulator!

Simulator fees are as follows:

$40 per hour for sim

$65 per hour for an instructor (if required)

An EAA membership is required to use this sim. eaa is an awesome general aviation organization that promotes aviation to people of all ages.

if you book a 5-hour block with us, we'll pay your first year's membership dues to eaa!

Now that's a deal!



Commercial Single Engine

Want to fly professionally? Let's talk.


A commercial pilot is expected to have an above-average and comprehensive understanding of FAA rules and regulations, weather, and operations within the National Airspace System. 


The flight training requirements of the commercial single engine certification are some of the most challenging a pilot will ever encounter...but once those requirements are met, the rewards are many.


This certification program dives deeper into the basics of airmanship. Many commercial pilots will tell you that they really learned how to fly an airplane when they went through commercial single engine certification training...and had a blast doing it!

The first step in turning your passion into a career starts here.

commercial single engine

commercial multi engine

Expand your capabilities and career opportunities

Most pilots enter the commercial multi engine program having already earned their commercial single engine pilot certificate. This course of study and flight training will introduce pilots to a whole new world of asymmetric thrust, VMC, and multi engine management.

Commanding a multi engine aircraft is some of the most rewarding and exciting flying a pilot can experience.


Gaining your commercial pilot certification in a multi engine aircraft also increases the number of professional opportunities available.

Ready to do some faster flying in an aircraft with more complexity and capability?

Commercia Multi Engine


Being a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is one of the most rewarding experiences a professional pilot can have. Teaching others to fly requires patience, proficiency, and attention to detail.

Our CFI/CFII programs will not only help you learn how to teach students, create lesson plans, and pass your checkride, it will open the door to improving your skills as an aviator.

Give others the gift of earning their wings.

Become a CFI with A-Cent Aviation.



flight reviews

We take the *ugh* out of Flight Reviews & Instrument Proficiency Check Flights

The dreaded flight review. In order to exercise the privileges of a pilot certificate, a pilot must successfully demonstrate proficiency of aircraft operation and knowledge of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).

For pilots both rusty and current, A-Cent Aviation's team of CFIs take the dread out of this process by offering a relaxed, non-threatening environment.

The FARs require a minimum of 1 hour of ground knowledge review and 1 hour of flight review, but the needs of the individual pilot may vary. If deficiencies are noted, don't worry! We will work with struggling pilots to increase their proficiency and confidence before conducting another flight review.

If you're an aircraft owner, we'll be happy to perform a flight review or proficiency check in your airplane for $75 per hour.

There's no reason to put off your flight review.

A-Cent Aviation makes the entire process affordable and fun!

Flight Reviews

part 107 drone operator

Claim your spot in the new, exciting field of commercial drone operation!

A-Cent Aviation offers a commercial sUAS (drone) operations course designed to help both beginning and experienced remote operators earn their Part 107 certification.


This 7.5 hour course covers all of the topics you'll need to pass your Part 107 written exam. For students who may only need focused training, we can custom-tailor a training solution that's centered around only the modules needed.


At only $45 per course hour, our comprehensive Part 107 program is hard to beat...but we still can! If you and at least one other person sign up for and attend the class, the cost is only $250 each.


Since A-Cent Aviation (Herlong location) is an FAA-certified PSI testing center, students can take their Part 107 FAA written exam on the spot at our location upon completion of their coursework. The written exam is just $175

With such little investment, you can turn your hobby into a professional venture.

Part 107 Drone Operator

engaging, informative ground instruction...without the yawns

Ground instruction is a crucial component to any pilot certification program. Whether a student utilizes convenient, always-current online ground instruction courses like Cessna Pilot Online, or a more personalized in-person approach to learning, A-Cent Aviation's ground instruction options are sure to enhance students' learning and knowledge retention.

Depending on student preference, online ground instruction can be augmented by or even completely replaced by in-person ground instruction for all of our flight training programs.

Already certified but need a knowledge refresher?

Our instructor rate is only $65 per hour.

A-Cent Aviation's cost-effective ground instruction is always conducted by professional instructors.

Ground Instruction

Ground Instruction

* The FAA has established the minimum criteria for flight training. Actual completion time will vary from student to student.

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